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For sale Moto Guzzi V65 Police (1983)



For Sale Motoguzzi V65 Police
For Sale Motoguzzi V65 Police

The V65 in General

In 1982 Moto Guzzi wanted to bridge the gap between its big blocks (T3, Le Mans, California, 1000SP etc) and V35-V50 which were considered entry level for the marque. The V65 was launched as a balanced proposition combining decent power, low weight and the firm's classic handling and braking abilities. Press and customers gave it a mild reception, mostly because it did not differed enough optically from its smaller siblings, despite achieving all of the manufacturer's targets.

The V65 can actually do everything very good without standing out at any area but also without lagging at any other. It is the ideal classic motorbike for convenient every day use, with the sensation of a big Guzzi for easy rides, twisty roads and suitable for classic rally successes. It is not a coincidence that it was chosen as a police or military bike from several states, such as Holland, Italy and Greece.

A few words about the motorcycle on sale

In the spring of 1992 the Greek State auctioned in Larissa and other locations more than 80 ex-police V65s. It was well known that they were almost new, with mileages ranging from 400 to 7,000 km! The truth is that officers disregarded these mid-weight Guzzis and deliberately created or exaggerated damages, aiming at getting them out of service as soon as possible. And quite understandable, since how could you pursuit with a V65 a suspect riding GSXR, GPZ or CBR, which were already popular and abundant at the time (circa 1987).

It is from there that the previous owner bought it, however the day to day burdens led him to leave it aside. It was bought by us on December 2012, and its restoration was completed on February 2012. There were many peripherals missing (carburetors, switches etc), which were gathered before commencing working on the bike. The engine was inspected and was found to be almost new, seals and o-rings were replaced and it was properly tuned.

It rides beautifully, and has the braking (uses integrale) and road handling that it is supposed to. Its single seat, metal fenders (unlike civilian model's plastic ones) and Polizia original color give it a distinct style.
It can immediately receive classic number plates (class A3) with cost of EURO 145.

Price €*

*including registration cost under the new owner's name and classic numberplates.

00 MGV65
01 MGV65
1 MotoguzziV65 Police
10 MotoguzziV65 Police
2 MotoguzziV65 Police
3 MotoguzziV65 Police
4 MotoguzziV65 Police
5 MotoguzziV65 Police
6 MotoguzziV65 Police
7 MotoguzziV65 Police
8 MotoguzziV65 Police
9 MotoguzziV65 Police

Moto Guzzi V65 Police
Year of manufacture 1983
Body maker Moto Guzzi
Manufactured ~5000
Engine V 90 air cooled
Capacity 650
Cylinders 2
Max power 52 HP /7030
Fuel system 2 carburators (Dellorto 30)
Brakes 2x 260mm disks front-1x235 disk rear / integral braking
Drive Bevel drive
Gearbox 5 gears
Color Ivory
Fuel capacity (litres) 16
Weight 165
Spec. comments
FIVA card/ Category No

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