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We are passionate for all classics, and even more for Italian bikes of the 60's & 70's.
We feel that the creations of the past have a beauty and character that is so rare in modern vehicles.

Thus, they deserve to be saved from neglect, deterioration or recycling, so that they continue to offer joy and remind us that an object can reflect its creators intelligence and personality in various individual ways (be it aesthetics, engineering choices etc), and not just be a rounded, averaged universal means of transportation.

We always enjoy a restoration project, either of a classic car or a bike, which will more often be a Moto Guzzi, and when we come across one that is within our financial reach we take the opportunity and joy. Having done so for the last 3 decades as amateurs, we have gathered considerable experience and a wider picture on the subject.

Our engagement all these years has also given us many experiences in regularity rallies, both as participants as well as organizers. We are active in various bike and car clubs, including administrative duties.

We believe that the classic cars & bikes community has a lot to benefit from a solution that will provide an accurate description of classics for sale with a good presentation to a broader audience of prospective buyers. The development of this site came as a natural progress for us, considering the above.

In an effort to combine the ability of publishing cost free ads on the one hand with the sustaining of minimum level in presentation and vehicles on the other hand, we offer the ability of free ads publishing, provided that owners gather and send us the necessary information in the appropriate form. The necessary information and form for each type of classic item (car, motorcycle, spares, memorabilia, etc) are supplied at the central menu page "submit your ad".

If gathering these info is not handy (for example if unfamiliar with the electronic media & devices), owners can contact us for arrangements re gathering info (which may also include photos, sound or video).
Those owners who would like to ensure a thorough and complete presentation of their vehicle, may also contact us.
Those who have more than 5 ads are kindly requested to contact us.

We maintain the right to deny publishing of an ad without any further explanation.
Categories available: cars, motorcycles, spare parts, memorabilia, printed material
When the item of the ad is sold, please notify us, in order to keep the site updated as well as to save you from unnecessary calls.

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