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For sale Moto Guzzi V50 Monza (1983)

For sale Moto Guzzi V50 Monza (1983)


The V50 in General

When De Tomaso took over Moto Guzzi in 1973, he brought over his own views on how the firm should act in order to avoid the financial dead end. Noticing that the previous management was stuck in producing only big twins with increased manufacturing cost, he instructs Lino Tonti (the firm's very capable chief engineer) to develop and produce smaller capacity twinsin order to cover that gap in the market, emphasizing in reducing costs through new production methods and automations, available at the Innocenti factory, also owned by the group. This way, the V50 emerged in 1975 with small production capacity until 1979,

and with full capacity after that. Despite the split crankcase, gearbox mounted swingarm, heron type combustion chamber etc, costs were not low enough to match the competition from Far East, therefore although its handling, brakes, low weight, reliability were positively received, it didn't achieve the sales volume intended. In 1981 the Monza version was launched, with body similar to the bigger Le Mans of the era.
Today it is one of the easiest to use, timeless and economical choices for entering the classic Moto Guzzi world.

A few words about the motorcycle on sale

It is a 1983 model, purchased iin 2014 from Peloponese, where it laid for many years still, disintegrated and neglected. A large percentage of parts was missing, the engine had water ingress and was in bad condition, plastics were burnt by the sun (polymerisation) or broken or missing. In that condition it was bought and its renovation begun by dismantling and recording in detail the necessary parts and jobs. Once parts were gathered after a few months, work continued with in depth renovation, detailing and replacement. The engine received new liners and pistons, carburators, switches, plastics, brakes and many more. From the Guzzi range for this model, the blue colour was chosen, however not in metallic dual layer version, but in single layer in order to allow easier repairs. A minor ignition problem troubled us a bit it was traced, but once solved we were rewarded by the engine's response and the overall excellent operation of the bike parts (brakes, suspension, electrics). It has been certified as classic bike (class A3) and the bike is happily living its second youth.

Price: -

exp L1110807
exp L1110812
exp L1110845
exp L1110903
exp L1110984
exp L1120003
exp L1120021
exp L1120182
exp L1120321
exp L1120322
exp L1120323
exp L1120326

Moto Guzzi V50 Monza
Year of manufacture 1983
Factory Moto Guzzi
Production run 4.154
Engine V 90 air cooled
Capacity 500
Cylinders 2
Horsepower 48 DIN / 7600
Fuel supply 2 carburators (Dellorto 28)
Braking 2x 260mm disks front-1x235 disk rear / integral braking
Transmission Bevel drive (διαφορικο)
Gearbox 5 gears
Colour Blue
Fuel tank 16
Weight 160
Particular characteristics
FIVA card / class A3

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